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Moving Video Crop


*** The ONLY video editing app that allows you to Crop, Zoom, Dolly and Track your shots like a Pro! ***Ever wondered about the difference between professionally shot videos and amateur videos? Framing a shot! With ReFrame, you can now take in all of the action when capturing, then frame your shots after the fact! Just like how you crop a photo and remove people around you, now you can do the same with videos! You can remove all the unwanted stuff around you and focus only on a tight shot of what you want!
Using an innovative user interface, you can choose a window size and focus on your subject and even follow it as it changes position.
Preview your results instantly (might be pixelated). After saving, your video will be rendered smoothly. We have limited the box to be no smaller than 720P, so you will still end up with HD video quality for your home TV.
Saving time depends on your device, but it should not be longer than the length of the video you have just captured.
Essential tool for any parent who captures their kids running around, or GoPro users who have to deal with a super wide angle shot all the time. If you have captured 4K content, this will also work!